Let me help you as an illustrator :)

I was born in Salvador in 1989 and since I was little, drawing has always been my refuge. That's because I found in illustration my point of balance and my vocation to materialize my imaginations. A hobby that has become my profession. 
Passionate about photograph and literature, all my visual references flow into my drawings.

I graduated as a Graphic Designer and my learning and experience in the area gave me the basis I needed to create projects and better understanding of the demands of the market. I currently reside in São Paulo - Brazil. 
My professional journey has led me to collaborate on diverse projects for publishers, studios, and advertising agencies. Through each endeavor, I have embraced the challenges and nuances of the industry, further refining my ability to bring ideas to life. My illustrations are not just visuals; they are narratives, encapsulating the essence of the stories they tell.​​​​​​​

email - leandroilustrado@gmail.com
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